2021: Becoming The Best Version Of Myself

I usually write my new year's resolution before January first. All these years I have been writing a list of goals, plans and the things that I will improve about myself. Among the twenty five list, only two resolutions were fulfilled. Last year, I said I am going to eat more greens, less dairy, less meat and less sugary foods. I think what really did happen was the opposite around. I also said that I am going to workout everyday. Yes, I did work out everyday during the first quarter of the year then my determination dwindled when COVID-19 dramatically changed our lives. Just like some of us. There were moments that I feel like giving up. The nights are so cold and lonely thinking what's gonna happen. But then I realized, I don't have the power to control what's going on to the world but I have the power to control my own world, myself and my mind. We always have a choice. It's our call to be drowned in fear, anxiety and envy or hold your head up high, stand up with confidence and keep going. This 2021, I made a choice. My choice is to love myself beyond my imperfections. I believe that's the best thing about this world. Our uniqueness adds more value and that's what makes us even more beautiful. I often mention this on my blogs, to look from within. Because we sometimes search for a perfect place, right person, we seek for the things that we don't have whereas we are already enough as a unique human being.

So what is becoming the best version of myself? I define it as intentionally becoming the person that I want to be by beginning the first step: Choosing to be me and not to become somebody else. I can still be myself but with a twist. =)

Lets a take a look on some habits to become the best of ourselves.

1. Take a mindful break

-Taking a break from social media, from the crowd, from the busy world is a helpful way to find balance and focus. It's refreshing to take a shower, listen to music and drink some fruit smoothie.

2. Love yourself freely

- One of the best things I have learned in my 30s is that comparing myself to others will only make me feel less of a person. It triggers insecurities and envy. Loving myself and appreciating what I can do and what I have gives me better days.

3. Procrastination will never help

- How many of us hit that snooze button after the alarm goes off. I used to do that back in college and even when I still had the day job. I learned the consequences and it's not really the result that I've been aiming for. I feel more sleepy and exhausted. I realized that if I can do it now, then it do it now. I have a to-do list everyday and I try my best to accomplish them. Time is valuable. Every second counts. Let's spend more time on growth and doing our purpose.

4. Keep the loyal ones and let go of the people the toxic people

- All my life, I've been chasing people to be a part of my circle. I did everything to offer friendship but I guess making friends with those people is not really the thing that will make me happy, I didn't gain friendship but I gained a hostile emotional environment. I found out that I am only a friend to them for as long as it is beneficial to them. I have friends who remained faithful despite hitting the rock bottom and they are the ones for keeps. I've learned to let go of the people who doesn't really want to be in my life.

5. Show kindness

- A single act of kindness goes a long way. It feels good to speak with kindness and do things with kindness. Especially as a mom, it's a great trait for my children to see and copy.

6. Embrace change and be open to failure

- Change is good. There is nothing permanent in this world. Our situation will always change. I stayed in my comfort zone for years. I never wanted to leave my birth country because my family is there and it's the only place I am familiar with. Of course, there's fear clipped on my wings. When I decided to migrate with my husband, I discovered how strong I am and I was able to unleash my potential. Failure is not the end of the world. It's a gateway to another possibility. Mistakes are part of our learning process. We learn more from trying and from our experience.

7. Have a gratitude journal

- Gratitude is a useful way to count our blessings. Nothing is more beautiful than a grateful heart. I have a daily gratitude journal where I thank God for all the blessings. Big or small. Aren't you grateful that you wake up each morning? I am so thankful for clean water, food on the table, trees, my growing kids, my husband, my family abroad and for my Zsamazing Life friends. By having a gratitude journal, it will redirect our focus on the positive things and with the things that we have than to complain for the things that we don't.

8. Give that body a little stretch

- Who says you have to enroll to a yoga class, pay for a gym membership or hire a trainer?

Thanks to digital age that brings us more resources and we can easily access the "How to" through social media, video blogs and blogs. You can also do a little stretch by walking around the neighborhood, to the park or even in your house. I do 10 jumping jacks and stretching every morning. I walk with my kids at the park in the afternoon. Enjoy the gift of nature while it's still free.

9. Attract positivity with affirmations

- How many times do we say "I can't", "I don't", "No" in a day? Probably we are all unconscious of our words. But words are weapons. Positivity brings positivity. Instead of saying "I have no choice." try saying "This is the only choice that I have." or " I will explore alternative ways.".

Here are some positive affirmations that I say everyday:

"I believe I can."

"Today, I will try my best to achieve my daily goals."

"I am grateful that I am capable."

"I love and accept myself."

"I choose to be happy and will learn from mistakes."

"My life is full of joy and abundance."

"The opportunities are endless."

10. Set doable goals

- I often set hundreds of goals and everyday I used to have 20 things to do then I get frustrated if I didn't meet my own deadlines. I know, I get it. I have learned my lesson. I learned to set three doable goals everyday. I found it more effective. Joggling my daily task as mom, as a wife, as a blogger and as an educator is not that easy. I really have to organize my thoughts by writing it all down to my journal, notebook and notes on my mobile phone. If it's urgent like setting up a doctor's appointment by phone or sending an important email to my child's teacher then I have to write on my white board so I can remember it.

Becoming the best version of ourselves doesn't have to happen overnight. It's a gradual process. We have 365 days and more. This is a journey and not a competition. I believe that we have our own time and own story. Please focus on your strengths and talents because you are born and meant to be YOU.


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