5 Fun Indoor Activities On Halloween That Will Reduce Your Corona Virus Exposure

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

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Who said Halloween is just for kids? We, adults are also excited to plan and prepare for this petrifying event of the year. My husband and I usually brainstorm two months before (too excited, aren't we?). We are reusing and repurposing our decors that we bought in 2017. We only buy what is needed and we dispose the worn out ones like the spider webs. Our children love the tombstones and skeletons. Of course, what is Halloween without ghosts and the iconic Jack-o'-lantern displays on our front lawns.

As we get so thrilled to prepare, this year could be different because of the pandemic crisis that limits our gatherings and festivities. Trick or treat is the most awaited part of this celebration and proper safety measures must still be observed. Some of us preferred to stay at the home as the best option to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure but don't frown yet, the pandemic can't stop you to enjoy this celebration. You have a talent, I know it's in you. You can start unleashing your creativity and make this special event even more entertaining with your family.

Here are the 5 fun indoor activities that you can try this holiday without draining your wallet and will reduce your family's exposure to COVID-19.

1. Decorate your door/front yard/gate/window

You can buy online, or at any Halloween stores near you, you can also create your own decorations, let your kids color and draw.

2. Make some wicked-designed cupcakes, fruits and desserts with your kids.

3. Arts and crafts.

You can always come up with your own designs and make your child's fingers busy with these fun and easy activities. Here's how you can create these wickedly fun decorations.

4. Watch family-friendly halloween movies.

You can set up a movie theater-like in any available space at your home. Excite your family to munch and get thrilled at the same time.

5.Wear Halloween Masks and Costumes

If you are on-the-go and don't have much time in making your own costumes, there are several and affordable costumes available online.

Remember that what really matters is how we make the celebration memorable with our families. I wish everyone a zsamazing Halloween night. Stay safe and get spooked!


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