5 Unusual Gifts That I Thanked My Spouse For

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How many times did you receive perfume, purse, box of chocolates, flowers, gadgets, apparel, appliance, office supplies and Christmas goodies from your spouse? To be honest, when my husband and I were still dating, we usually surprise each other with gifts enclosed with love letters and holiday cards. His time and effort already made me feel special and giddy. I always look forward for his love letters. Yes! I love letters and until now we exchange cards and sticky notes.

During the first years of our married life, we love surprising each other with extravagant and luxurious gifts. Something that we truly saved up for the whole year to afford. But this year, we appreciate each other's presence and togetherness. I never felt more content and grateful. Material things give us temporary happiness but love, time, loyalty, faith and commitment are way better than any other tangible gifts that I have ever received.

My husband truly nailed the "Best Christmas gift" award this season. His loving gestures are tremendously priceless and quaint.

1. Completed the household chores

I thanked my husband big time for having the initiative to fold clothes, do the laundry, wash the dishes, for wiping the counter top ( He made sure it's dry.) and for cleaning the bathroom.

2. Prepared breakfast for us

- My husband was reluctant to cook for me because I always cook for him and for the family. He tried to cook several times but he gets a burnt finger or a burnt food. But what really matters is the effort. I am so glad whenever I see my husband try and play like a chef. I find it so sexy too.

This morning he boiled eggs and prepare butter and toasts.

3. Gave me an hour of foot massage

- During the day of running the household, working from home while watching our kids are quite exhausting. He usually gives me a foot massage for ten minutes but this season of perpetual hope he stretched it to sixty minutes.

4. Prepared me a cup of hot tea

- I love tea and he knows that every after meal, I drink a cup of hot tea to relax my body and soothe my digestion. This morning, he already brewed my tea even before I thought about it.

5. Did a self-care together

- There were times that my husband can't tolerate my self-care routine because It takes a few hours for me to be finished with my skin care rituals but today, he enjoyed and appreciated how his skin was pampered.

I wrote this blog because I still believe that there are some things that money can't buy. Simple things that could bring us joy and be thankful for. Big gifts and elegance could really wow us but the most important thing that you can give to your loved one is something that will last for a lifetime. Memories.

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