10 Effective Verbal Praises That Work Best With My Students and Children.

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Hello Zsamazing learners! Do you have any winning moments in the classroom or at home when you were still younger? Perhaps getting a correct answer on a recitation, a perfect score on a pop quiz or helping in the household chores. How did you feel when your teacher or your parent applauded you with "Very good!". It's quite satisfying right?

Children feel good about themselves when they receive praises. It motivates them more and children perform better when they know that their efforts are being noticed and appreciated. Recognize your child's and student's hard work whether it's big or small. Remember that the children can feel a genuine verbal praise so don't forget to smile. =)

Here are the 10 effective verbal praises that work best with my students and children:

1.Thank you for setting up the table, you're such a good helper.

2. You did it independently, I'm proud of you.

3. You noticed it, that's a wonderful observation.

4. You truly outdone yourself today. Such a hard worker.

5. I appreciate how you clean up your things, well done!

6. I love how you try best.

7. Excellent work! Big hugs.

8. Wow! Your creativity is improving well.

9. Thank you for having the initiative.

10. I am so impressed with your efforts today in class.

I have been using these verbal praises for more than a decade of teaching practice and to my own children as well. The results are long lasting and it builds a good relationship to the learners. I have noticed that by praising the positive behavior, it fuels their self-esteem and motivates them to engage more. Since most of us are helping the students learning at home, try these effective verbal praises and you might be surprised with the outcome. I believe in you and please believe in yourself too. We can do this!

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