My VIPkid Journey

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I was the featured VIPkid teacher on all VIPkid social media accounts last October 12, 2020.

It was the last day of winter when I applied as an online English teacher or also known as ESL teacher, for VIPkid. It was a perfect timing because I was looking for a home-based job where I can fulfill my duty as a parent without sacrificing my career. I saw the advertisements of VIPkid in all my social media platforms, I asked myself: "Is this a sign?". So I rolled up my sleeves, turned on my laptop and gave it a whirl. I found it so helpful when I read all the reviews of the current VIPkid teachers. The testimonies and comments were encouraging and gave me the urge to sign up immediately. After I submitted my online application form, I received a call and email from the VIPkid team to notify me about my application and the best time for me to attend the interview and demo teaching through video call.

I was so excited and thought to myself "This is it!".

During the interview I was asked several questions, mostly about my educational background, work experience and online English teaching experience. It was so daunting because I never taught English remotely but my demo teaching saved the day. Yay! =)

I passed the interview and the demo teaching. The next step is the mock class. I was given some modules to review and useful videos to watch so I can gear up and be equipped in acing the mock class. I conducted a demo teaching to a VIPkid Mock class mentor. I was so nervous and that anxiety hindered my enthusiasm and my skills were suppressed so I failed the first mock class. You're probably saying "Awww so sad" right now but guess what? the best thing about VIPkid is that you can try again. They will give you another chance to showcase your teaching talents. So after trying one more time, I passed the second mock class. Hooray! =)

I submitted and uploaded all the required documents to complete my application,( at the end of this blog you will find the required documents that I submitted. ).

I became a regular teacher last April 2019. I waited for weeks before I taught my first ever VIPkid class. When the long wait is over. I was extremely happy when I finally saw I got a booking. I prepared my materials the day before and reviewed the lesson thoroughly. I was so tensed, my sweat was so cold and I felt like I'm going to pass out but when I saw the smile of my student the open I hit the "start class" button, all the tension was banished, My first student was super adorable and cooperative. Because of her I decided to make VIPkid as my career.

Since then, working as a VIPkid teacher became one of my super powers. I love the flexibility of the schedule. I can open the time slots that best for my availability. My family couldn't even notice that I am working because I work after midnight. During the day, I am empowered to fulfill my duties as a parent and at night, I can perform my role as an educator. So what's the best part? Drum roll please.. It's financially rewarding too! It's zsamazing isn't it? =)

VIPkid transformed my life. It opened a gateway for me to accomplish my life goals . I regulate my own schedule, I have more time to spend with my family, help my in-laws, read more books and at the same I'm doing what I love to do; educating the hearts and mind of young learners in China. I know from the very beginning, VIPkid is an answered prayer.

Do you like to work with a flexible schedule? Do you like working from home? Are you a passionate teacher? Then maybe this job is for you too. =)

Click this link to start your application now. =)


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher

  • At least 2 years experience of teaching, mentoring, coaching and tutoring.

  • Legally eligible to work in U.S or in Canada

  • Reliable technology

Documents that I submitted:

  • College Diploma

  • Graduate Studies certification

  • Teaching English as a Second/Foreign LanguageCertification (recommended but not required).

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