Recreational Activity That Purifies The Soul

Updated: Feb 2

So, what keeps me busy nowadays? Immersion in the wild. I never really appreciated the wildlife before until the pandemic has opened opportunities for me to discover that nature is the best remedy to my anxieties. I know it's not just me who finds this global crisis as distressing and challenging. Being there for my kids 24/7 while working from home could be physically and mentally exhausting.

When I feel like the anxiety will start to conquer my peaceful mind, I go for a walk, breathe the fresh air, sit on the green grass and watch the clouds. It makes me feel so much better and my mind becomes clearer.

I'm so glad that my husband is a nature person too. He enjoys hiking and camping. Our kids love adventures. Nature exploration is a great way to help them learn and figure out different things. I always take advantage of every learning opportunity. Whenever I see my kids being curious, investigating and observing. That's the time I step in and ask questions. I let them notice and recognize things in their own ways. Appreciate how they see the world in their own beautiful perspectives.

During this trip. It was their first time to pet a horse, hike where some deers will just cross right in front of you and climb a tree.

My husband and I were so proud of our first born. He was so brave and he didn't doubt himself to climb up by himself.

My kids discovered new possibilities, they learned new vocabularies such as hollow (hollow tree) and hooves. We also learned that in able for you to pet a horse, you must let it sniff you first. 😊

My kids stamina, patience and excitement in finishing the trail were exceptionally admirable. My 2 year-old daughter never complained about hiking for hours.

The best part was the natural tranquil meditation, the river flow.🏞 The sound of the water dives into my soul.

It was so relaxing. I was able to find my center and focus. 🧘‍♀️

Nature is a wonderful reminder that we are blessed enough to be grateful everyday. I'm teaching my kids to appreciate the natural resources and gifts from up above. Plus, it makes them conscious to maintain the beauty of their surroundings.

Amazing benefits of nature:

When I'm feeling low and anxious. It feels like the nature is calling me to reconnect. Watching the living creatures and seeing the green spaces promotes positive feeling and mood. It reduces stress levels. I found nature as a natural healer. I feel that my mind was rejuvenated and my emotions were cleansed.

Life is not just about material things. Happiness is not just about the things that can be bought. Happiness is everywhere and doesn't have to be expensive.

On my next blog, I will share the nature trip essentials. What to pack and what to bring.

We all have concerns and we deal every day with life challenges. Please remember that our mental health and emotional well-being are important. Take time to do the things that make you happy. ❤😊


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