Spend Less, Stand Out More! DIY Halloween Costumes

This is the part where we start the countdown. Halloween is just days to go, horror films are rolling in every channel and people are starting to post their Halloween dress rehearsals on social media. This morning, I woke up receiving promotional emails from different brands. Most of the Halloween merchandise and treats just dropped their prices. Can't wait to unpack the bags of candies and smell that distinctive aroma. Have you tried getting a piece from your treat or trick bucket?

Well, I did. =)

Our world is facing uncertainty. Most of our celebrations were held virtually to keep us all safe but hey we can still dress up, our kids can still dress up.I wrote this blog to share what we do best,

Do-It-Yourself. Yes, that's right. We are all creative. Just look inside your closet, your drawers, in the kitchen and even in your porch. For sure, you will find something useful.

I made a short video clip to inspire you to create your last minute DIY Halloween Costumes.

Here are the costumes that we used in this video. You can always add something to the materials that we used to make it spooky or charming.

Whatever costume you will wear. For sure you will look zsamazing as you are!

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